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Event Catering - Christening

Christenings are such fantastic celebrations but can often mean a lot of hard work if you decide to feed your friends and family, often taking some of the fun out of the day. Alimento can solve this problem for you, below are a couple of sample menus, just some ideas of what we can do. We can of course create a menu just for you, one that suits your taste and budget.

Complete our enquiry form or contact us by phone and we will be happy to discuss your ideas with you.

The most important guests at a christening are of course the children and we haven’t forgotten this at Alimento.

We provide a separate buffet for the children including all the things they love. This is complimentary when ordered with a grown ups buffet.




Meat Platter
inc. Roast beef, turkey and honey roast ham

Cheese Platter
inc. Cheddar, Wenslydale and Cheshire

Fresh bread selection
Sticky sausages
Vegetable spring rolls
Pork pies & chutney
Greek salad
Potato salad

Sandwich Platters

Mixed sandwich platters
Sausage rolls
Pork pies & chutney
Homemade pizza slices

English garden salad


Sandwich Triangles - white and brown bread
(Ham, jam & cream cheese)
Carrot sticks
Cucumber sticks
Raisin boxes
Fresh fruit

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